SDMS Guidance Staff
Guidance/ Transportation Becky Hoog Ext. 12916
Students A-K Jeff Mersmann Ext. 12914
Students L-Z Renee Watkins Ext. 12915


You do not need to call in absences. If you have any questions, please call 812-576-3500 ext. 12917.

Absences: Turn in Notes
ALL Absences require a note within 3 Days to be turned into office 
Parent Excuses are LIMITED to 5 PER SEMESTER
ALL NOTES need to have your child's FIRST and LAST Name

Absences: Requesting Work
Requesting ADVANCE Work 

If your child is going to be absent and you want to get their make-up work IN ADVANCE, you will need to contact Guidance so we can send out the request.  The absence has to be approved by the principal.  ALL work will be due the day the student returns to school.

Requesting MAKE-UP Work

If your child is absent from school due to illness or other unplanned event and you would like the work sent to the office please contact the teachers directly via email or teachers phone ext.  by 9 a.m.  

** Please contact Mrs. Schuman regarding Attendance and/or Homework questions at ext. 12917.

Please make sure you contact Mrs. Schuman as well if the work needs to be sent home with other students or siblings at ECHS.  Thanks!