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Letter From The Nurse

September 16, 2014

Dear Parents, Guardians, & Students,
I am the Sunman-Dearborn Middle School nurse and I began working here in September of 2011. This is my fourth year as the school nurse. I had previously worked for two years in this school corporation as a substitute nurse.
          The state of Indiana mandates vison and hearing screenings. Vision screenings for the 8th graders have taken place and referrals will be sent out soon. Hearing screenings for the 7th graders are scheduled for September 26, 2014. Please have your child here on that day if possible. The clinic will be closed.
I am really enjoying working with the staff here and caring for your children! Please contact me any time. I will be happy to answer your questions, help with your child's needs, and take any new health and contact information about your child for the school’s records.
Jennifer Stutts, BSN, RN
Sunman-Dearborn Middle School Nurse
8356 Schuman Road
St. Leon, IN 47012
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