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ISTEP Remediation


I-STEP Remediation Opportunities

 Remediation Classes- We offer a semester class during the day for students who have struggled passing the ISTEP.   The class size is very limited due to need for individualized instruction and will be based on ISTEP scores in Math and Language Arts.


 Structured Study Hall- Our study hall classes have been restructured for more student assistance. Students who need assistance with passing ISTEP in Language Arts and Math will have access to Study Island as well as teacher directed activities.  

 Countdown to I-STEP- In homeroom the month of February, we will be completing activities based on most missed ISTEP skills for Language Arts. Math teachers will also be doing activities in class the month of February for the most missed ISTEP skills for math. 

 After-School Opportunities-
  We will be offering ISTEP Remediation after school February 22-March 2 from 3:10-4:10. Please contact Jayme Herbert at extension 12902 if interested.